Hello, dear wholesale customers,

Thank you very much for your support this year. We are glad to supply materials for your business and workshops. Due to the increase in global transportation costs, we strive to keep the same pricing to provide customers, but as a small business owner, I also need to make profits within a reasonable range in order to pay the bills and taxes, and raise my two children :) So we will adjust the wholesale discounts and conditions, the new wholesale terms have been updated, applicable to orders after 2022/1/1.

Thank you again for your support after another crazy year. We hope that you get to have a break with your nearest and dearest over Christmas and New Year, stay safe, enjoy yourself , and keep on crafting!




Thank you so much for your interest in buying our products and kits at wholesale prices! We provide a variety of punch needle tools and materials, the retailers can collect different tools together and add them to your store range without bulk order for each item, we also support the workshop hosts to prepare their customized kits.

The following are our wholesale terms and agreement.

Agreeing to open a wholesale account constitutes an agreement to follow these terms and the wholesale workflow outlined below:

· Retailer must has an ABN
· Retailer must be a brick & mortar shop or independently owned store; we don't offer wholesale accounts to online only shops, craft workshop hosts are welcome.
· Wholesale rate is 46% of the retail price + $30 handing fee per order.
· Retailer pays the actual shipping fees before the items are shipped.
· Minimum order quantity is $600 of retail price (Which is $300 after discount). Retailer will pay this full wholesale discounted amount before the items are shipped.
· By submitting a wholesale application you agree not to sell our kit on Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or other third party websites.(Tools and materials are not included) However, you may sell on your shop’s own branded website.
· If you are retail selling our kit, you must use Mego Workshop labelling. (Tools and materials are not included) Retailer agrees to sell all Mego Workshop kit at retail price.

Here is the current workflow:

· Customer applies for wholesale privileges – the store software uses your email address to recognise you, so please let us know if you wish to change emails and we will make sure that your wholesale privileges are applied to your new email address.
· When the customer is approved, I mark their account as a wholesale customer – this will be easy if you have ordered previously, or I can create an account for you, if you haven’t.
· Wholesale customers will receive a link to our wholesale page, and the products and kits available for wholesale will be listed on this page
· The customer enters the coupon code WHOLESALE at checkout and is given a 50% discount on the price of the stock, this will need to be $600 or more worth of retail value stock for the wholesale discount to work.
· The wholesale customer will pay the actual shipping costs of their order. Please choose the “Free shipping” option and I will send you a separate invoice for postage via the Australia Post, which I will require payment for before the order is shipped. We are currently unable to offer customer pick-up of orders.

Other things to know

All our kits are assembled by myself, please allow 7-14 working days to prepare your order (depending on the quantity)

To save your money on shipping our default is to pack your order into the biggest bulk boxes possible – up to 20kg. If this is unsafe for you, please let us know and we will package your orders into smaller, more manageable sized packages.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. If you agree to these terms and would like to open a wholesale account with Mego Workshop, please send the following details to hello@megoworkshop.com

Business Name:
Preferred Email:
Store address:
Shipping address(if different):

Kind regards