A Better Life Animal Sanctuary

A Better Life Animal Sanctuary was started in 2018 by Sunny on a property in Banjup as a way to help homeless animals, many of which were saved from abuse or neglect. A registered Charitable organization they adopted dogs and rabbits, to their first farm animal and native animals. Their aim is to provide care and rehabilitation for animals without owners especially those who are sick or injured.

As a registered charity all their funds go back into the direct care and rehabilitating orphaned or sick and injured animals. They hope to educate and raise awareness of living a conscious, ethical life that excludes the exploitation of animals.

We donate 1% of your order amount to A Better Life Animal Sanctuary, it is our mission to care for animals, and provide them with a life worth living, but feed costs, vet bills, bedding and other costs are expensive so please donate, every dollar helps!

Here are a few ways you can make a difference, help support the sanctuary.

1. Donate Today
They struggle with the costs of feeding the animals, providing them care and happy lives, shelter and any vet bills.

Donate Now - Every Dollar Helps!

2. You Have Anything They Need
Please don’t drop directly to the sanctuary instead contact www.betterlifesanctuary.org.au

3. Tell People about A Better Life Animal Sanctuary
Please follow their Facebook and Instagram, and share their pages with all your friends and family!

4. Volunteer your Time

5. Stay Overnight at the Sanctuary
Want to stay with the animals then consider booking a night or two or even three at the sanctuary.

For more please vist at www.betterlifesanctuary.org.au

A Better Life Animal Sanctuary Inc.
899 Cameron Road
York, WA 6302

A Licensed Charitable Organization Western Australia


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